Apeiro8’s Bespoke CDN Services: Where Speed Meets Security


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of digital economy and increased market demands for CDN (content delivery networks). For online businesses of all kinds to carry out the speedy and safety services by using CDN, Apeiro8’s customized CDN product, ApeiroCDN, is poised to satisfy the high expectations of business clients in various industries and their users of websites all around the world.

Apeiro8 from Taiwan launched the first custom CDN service

Research institution Grand View Research estimated that the global market scale of CDN (content delivery networks) will grow from 18.18 billion $USD in 2022 to 95.37 billion $USD in 2030, which is compound annual growth rate as high as 23%. The expected growth momentum will come from the rise of digital economy during the COVID-19 pandemic period, with accelerated market demands for digital services like augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the increasingly popular APP and other network services; the same can be said for Taiwan as well.

To respond to market demands, Apeiro8 was founded in 2016. The Taiwan-based development team is responsible for the development and maintenance of its core product, ApeiroCDN, as well as offering a variety of value-adding product services based on enterprise clients’ requests, such as the effective prevention of DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks and WAF (web application firewall) defenses. Since its inception, Apeiro8 has assisted many enterprises to optimize their service experience with ApeiroCDN, particularly for managed service providers, FinTech, Gaming and e-Commerce. The CDN platform has garnered certain market recognition in Taiwan, Greater China and Asian regions.

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The Only Custom CDN Service Doubled Apeiro8’s Revenue

“In a future where the world will coexist with the pandemic, it is expected that demands for CDN in B2C, B2B and various industries will continue to grow,” Tian Boon Bong, Founder and CEO of Apeiro8, summarized the reasons into three aspects: the first is that changes in consumer habits has led to growth of cross-region and mass digital content delivery services, for examples, consumers have increasingly access of digital contents through OTT audio/visual content streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max; the next is the surge in demands for delivery services, digital learning, hybrid-work style and zero-contact services, which require a fast, stable and secure content delivery environment for support; lastly, the trend of cross-border e-commerce has resulted in a large category of cross-region consumers, which further drives the new demands for CDN.

“Influenced by business scope, business model and security concerns, what enterprise customers need is a tailor-made CDN service, rather than a scaled and fixed solution.”

In fact, this is mainly the reason why ApeiroCDN has generated so much market interests. Based on Apeiro8’s internal data, the CDN bandwidth usage in 2021 alone has risen by 100%; factoring in the revenue performances from customizable CDN service, DDoS attack mitigation and WAF defenses, the growth momentum would be much stronger.

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ApeiroCDN’s Core CDN Tech Enables Bulk Domain Managing

Custom Node Deployment Quickly Responds to Any Demands

There are four factors that enable Apeiro8 to deliver tailor-made CDN services: the first, being a Taiwan-based development team, whom is responsible for the development and maintenance of product services like the ApeiroCDN, and a 24×7 uninterrupted, real-time customer service, address the enterprise client’s needs with speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Next is flexible node deployment service: the team in Taiwan possess core technologies that enable the company to deploy most favorable nodes in markets specified by enterprise customer requirements, free from the limitation set by fixed solutions (nodes).

The third factor is acceleration service in China. Apeiro8 offers CN2 network connection to the three major telecommunication vendors in China; its exclusive dynamic routing adjustment technology allows users in China have the advantages of high availability and low latency when using e-commerce platform services. Other than acceleration in China, Apeiro8 also plans to offer the same acceleration services to Southeast Asia.

Lastly, Apeiro8 provides “CDN-origin server” routing optimization service. Compared to other CDN services where only the routing from the users to nodes can be optimized, Apeiro8 provides routing optimization between users, CDN nodes and the origin servers, so that enterprise customers to enjoy optimized and speedy service experience.

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One-stop CDN Management: Ease of Use & Security Functions

“We value greatly the ease of use and management of our CDN platform as well as security protection mechanisms. Our goal is to provide a one-stop CDN service solution to satisfy the various needs of our enterprise customers.” Tian Boon Bong pointed out, using a managed service provider as example. The vendor provides managed services to many e-commerce customers, and each customer has numbers of domains. When a DDoS attack occurs, the managed service provider cannot identify the target customer that is under attack, nor could they clearly grasp the scope of the affected services. The issue was solved only until they adopted the AperiCDN; for example, through the App Profile classification system of ApeiroCDN, the managed service provider can classify domains based on customer, nodes, origin servers and countries. When an anomaly occurs, the root cause of the issue can be quickly identified and dealt with.

Personalized Dashboard & Rapid Deployment of Bulk Domains

Additionally, ApeiroCDN platform offers more than 150 types of charts and analysis modules, allowing enterprise customers like managed service providers to easily create customized surveillance dashboard, greatly enhancing the precision and speed of analysis. “What’s worth pointing out is that our R&D team in Taiwan can directly interact with the software developers of our enterprise customers, using mechanisms such as Application Programming Interface (API) to assist enterprise customers in rapidly switching between domains, this allows the CDN deployment to be completed within 1 to 3 days so our enterprise customers can focus on the core development tasks without any worries.” stated by Tiang Boon Bong.


Strengthen AI in Security to Capture Business Opportunities

Bolster Security Capability with “Behavioral Analysis

Tian Boon Bong said: “In our experience, an inflexible defensive mechanism will affect the website operation and quality of service. To improve this situation, ApeiroCDN will automatically detect, analyze and identify user behaviors, targeting attackers precisely and adopting corresponding defensive actions without compromising user experience.” Taking ApeiroCDN’s WAF as example, the system can be configured to activate Smart Captcha verification to specific behaviors, providing various level of challenges based on the degree of malicious behavior, rather than indiscriminate verification.

In addition to enhancing cybersecurity capacity based on future product road map, Tian Boon Bong stated that the company will move forward to provide fully customizable CDN products, with the goal to serve more enterprise customers of various industries. Through the functional and highly usable management platform of the ApeiroCDN, customers can greatly reduce their maintenance costs and enjoy web acceleration experiences offered by ApeiroCDN and its value-added services, taking the lead in the era of a digital economy.

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