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The Best Strategy for Utilizing WAF Rules
Fully Upgrade Your Website security!
When DDoS attacks are becoming more sophisticated, can your WAF stop them?

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    Accurately block DDoS attacks, maintain user experience
    Practical Strategy of WAF Rules
    7 DDoS Attack Patterns x 9 sets of WAF Rule Strategies x 13 types of WAF Rule Action examples
    9 sets of WAF Rule Strategies
    9 sets of WAF Rule Strategies
    13 types of WAF Rule Action examples

    Ensuring website security amid evolving threats requires dynamic adjustments. Automated attack detection has limitations, especially with layer 7 DDoS attacks. Security personnel must analyze traffic, understand WAF rules, and execute flexible multi-layer mitigation to block attacks while preserving user experience.

    This technical white paper will describe in detail the critical functions of the WAF application from the practical perspective of website security, as well as providing special tips on usage other than defensive purposes. The document will selectively feature the most common DDoS attacks encountered by website services, as well as setting the appropriate WAF rules for suspicious requests, and creating blocking actions of varying intensity to diffuse the threats of malicious traffic to website services without impacting user experience.

    The contents include:

    • Description on common types of DDoS attacks
    • WAF rulesets configuration steps
    • Examples of WAF Rule applications outside of defenses