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    Gartner projects that by 2025, 90% of G2000 enterprises will adopt a hybrid model for Security Operations Centers (SOCs), outsourcing at least 50% of operations. In response to modern cybersecurity challenges, businesses are increasingly opting for in-house security teams or professional SOC services. We recognize the urgency of ensuring comprehensive control over website traffic and security for you, and this whitepaper is tailored to meet your needs!

    This whitepaper reveals key website traffic indicators identified by A-grade cybersecurity monitoring SOC teams. Learn their significance, how to spot attacks or anomalies, recognize patterns, and initiate effective defense. Gain the insights needed to confidently tackle cybersecurity challenges!

    The contents include:

    • Designing Your Enterprise's Ideal Monitoring Dashboard
    • 10 Essential Visual Reports
    • In-Depth Traffic Analysis Tutorial
    • Standardized Defense Procedures Against Attacks

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