FAQs about ApeiroCDN

  • Who need ApeiroCDN? What are the advantages?

    If you’re under constant DDoS attacks and other cybersecurity risks

    When faced with DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service attack), ApeiroCDN’s Tbps-level scrubbing capacity and all-powerful WAF (Web Application Firewall) can immediately mitigate attacks and ensure safe and normal operation of your websites. If your web contents involve enterprise digital assets, such as confidential technology, data and intellectual property right protected contents, you can also implement your cybersecurity strategies through the functions offered by ApeiroCDN’s management platform.

    Users of your website (outside China) are in China, but the user experience is not at its best

    ApeiroCDN is directly connected to China’s three major telecommunication vendors via CN2, providing exclusive dynamic routing and adjustment strategies that guarantee high availability and low latency. The domain names can follow both China’s and the global routing policies and automatically selects the optimal route based on the areas accessed. Websites (outside China) aiming to users in China are provided with independent networks and IPs which makes switching to the next available routing path possible when a network issue is detected. That means optimal routing is provided regardless of the website users’ location. In addition, our “network and security operation center” is on call 24/7 which is well-known for excellent service quality.

    The CDN Services currently in use cannot keep up with demands, so customized service is required

    Using ApeiroCDN is akin to having access to independent CDN resources. It means our customers (websites) can enjoy high degree of flexibility in node locations or routing optimization. If you’re not satisfied with the current website speed in the target markets, especially in China or Southeast Asia or availability and quality of technical services, ApeiroCDN’s customized services are your answer.

  • How does ApeiroCDN work?

    A CDN service with in-built Tbps-level network capacity to mitigate DDoS attacks

    ApeiroCDN always protects the origin server of website with multi-layer defenses. First layer: when the SOC (NOC) detects abnormal or attack packets, it will instantly switch the traffic to the scrubbing center with over 1 Tbps capacity to mitigate the DDoS attacks, ensuring that the attacking traffic does not impact the services.
    Second layer: the scrubbing center will stop the attacks based on different attack patterns or signatures. Third layer: the SOC (NOC) utilizes AI to intelligently monitor the requests and stop application layer DDoS attacks with WAF’s protective mechanisms. For example, the SOC (NOC) may initiate blockage, identification challenge or complete quarantine based on different request types.
    These layers of defenses can precisely intercept malicious traffic, ensuring the best user experience for normal users.

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  • How does ApeiroCDN optimize website speed?

    7 ways to accelerate your website

    During the process of transmitting web contents, the transmission speed may be affected by possible latencies on the network route. With ApeiroCDN’s exclusive CDN technology, private network resources and 24/7 technical teams, users wherever they are can enjoy browsing your websites at high speed, as a result of the benefits of the following 7 methods: node distribution strategy, AI DNS policies, client-to-CDN routing optimization, static caching, dynamic content acceleration, automatic CDN-to-origin servers detection and automatic CDN-to-origin servers routing optimization.

    Deploy CDN nodes closest to the users located in your target markets

    ApeiroCDN collaborates with mainstream cloud service providers and optimizes nodes in specific markets, enabling custom node deployment services. With a clearly defined market demand, we can help to deploy the most suitable nodes for our customers (websites), effectively shortens the distance and saving costs with precise allocation – distributing user requests to the most suitable nodes to greatly reduces the geographical distances, so that your contents can be delivered to the website users rapidly, regardless of their locations in the world.

    「Exclusive」client-to-CDN routing optimization, offering flexible and timely service

    ApeiroCDN possesses abundant network resources and can provide each customer (website) with independent network and IP, offering high flexibility for client-to-CDN routing optimization. The 24/7 SOC (NOC) monitors network issues and can adjust routing to ensure best website speed.

    「Exclusive」CDN-to-origin server routing optimization to carry out the optimal route in practice

    For general CDN service, only routing adjustment from client to CDN edges is possible, ApeiroCDN also optimizes the routing from CDN edges to origin servers of the website, giving your website the real optimal routing and being much faster than others.

  • How does ApeiroCDN defend your website from DDoS attacks?

    Tbps-level scrubbing capacity for filtering L3/L4 attacks

    ApeiroCDN’s scrubbing center holds over 1 Tbps capacity in bandwidth which can address L3/L4 DDoS attacks regardless of duration and scale. The system automatically detects and defers suspicious requests into the scrubbing center and restores normal traffic back to the website, effectively preventing websites from common attacks such as TCP, UDP and ICMP.

    Flexible and full-featured WAF (rules) to prevent complex L7 DDoS attacks

    AApeiroCDN's unique WAF (web application firewall) are specially designed to deal with complex L7 attacks. Flexible WAF rules support sophisticated defense strategies, such as filtering specific ISP and HTTP Headers that lack certain fields, as well as various difficult attacks like CC attacks and Slow Attacks, etc., leaving nothing hidden.

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  • Why does ApeiroCDN provide Unlimited DDoS Protection?

    Unlimited DDoS protection helps to save costs

    Large-scale DDoS attacks have occurred one after another, threatening the security of all enterprises. ApeiroCDN is known for its Tbps-level capacity of DDoS attack mitigation: the scrubbing centers hold a capacity of over 1 Tbps in bandwidth which can cope with L3/L4 DDoS attacks of any duration and scale; our self-developed WAF has flexible rules specially designed to deal with sophisticated L7 attacks. Coupled with the discount offer of unlimited DDoS mitigation, we ensure that your website will be always available, even when challenged with a large-scale attack.

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  • Why is ApeiroCDN your best choice for operating online business (websites outside China) in China?

    Boost Website Speed in China by 80%, Real Person Customer Service

    ApeiroCDN has abundant network resources. Not only is our service directly connected to China’s three major telecommunication vendors via CN2, but we also ensure high availability and low latency by providing exclusive dynamic routing optimization. In addition, our “network and security operation center” is on call 24/7 which is well-known for excellent service quality.

    No speed decrease for websites outside China without ICP license

    Generally, an ICP license allows website operating within Mainland China to provide its Chinese users the best experience. However, for websites (outside China) without the ICP license, ApeiroCDN’s CDN strategy in China can also guarantee the same website speed.

    Top-ranked Website Acceleration + Tbps-level DDoS Protection in China

    Other than our network advantages in China, ApeiroCDN has established scrubbing centers in Asia, providing close protection against attacks from China market. When under attack, the website can keep low latency. The capacity up over 1 Tbps in bandwidth ensures that DDoS attacks in any duration and size can be mitigated.

    China + global routing policies, a dedicate Class C (/24) to provide the ultimate routing optimization

    As the domain name of customer’s website follows both China’s and global routing policy, the optimal route automatically is selected based on the areas accessed. Particularly in China, our customers (websites) are provided with independent networks and IPs [a dedicate Class C (/24)], so when a network issue is detected, routing path will be changed to ensure the optimal routing regardless of the website visitors’ location.

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  • Why can ApeiroCDN exclusively claim our capability of ultimate routing optimization?

    Dedicated network resources, independent networks, and IPs [a dedicate Class C (/24)] for flexibility and security

    ApeiroCDN not only works with global cloud service providers to boost our acceleration services, we but also possess dedicated networks and technical teams. Each customer (website) has privilege of independent networks and IPs, so that the real-time routing optimization can be carried out. Moreover, if any network issue is detected, the routing path can be changed immediately, enabling network optimization to the fullest.

  • What services does ApeiroCDN’s 24/7 technical team (NOC+SOC) provide?

    Live chat with real people, technical support, operational consultation, attack mitigation

    ApeiroCDN’s CSS service (NOC+SOC) guarantees live communication with real people, which not only assists customers in using ApeiroCDN management platform, applying for domain certificate or allocating CDN defensive functions but also offers real-time interception during attacks to protect origin servers of the websites. Although attacks cannot be predicted, you can rest easily as the CSS team always protects your websites around-the-clock.

  • Can ApeiroCDN provide Sectigo SSL certificate?

    Automatically generates enterprise-level Sectigo SSL certificate

    For the convenience of the customers, ApeiroCDN management platform automatically generates Sectigo SSL certificates, providing you with the guarantee for security and reliability.

  • Why can ApeiroCDN have greater deployment flexibility?

    Independent CDN resources

    Generally, CDN nodes or networks are shared by multiple customers, therefore when a customer asks for an adjustment in situations such as reduced speed or attack, it will affect all other customers on the same node or network. ApeiroCDN guarantees that each customer has privilege of independent CDN resources [ex: a dedicate Class C (/24)] which can be adjusted flexibly according to needs, satisfying the customer’s expectation for website access speed.

    Customized deployment and optimization

    The services of ApeiroCDN are custom-oriented; we do not work with fixed nodes or network solutions. Therefore, you can precisely use nodes only on the target markets to boost cost-effectiveness. At the same time, ApeiroCDN operates with independent CDN resources, so that the optimization of individual customers (websites) does not affect other customers, and this greatly enhances the adjustability of website speed. Our 24/7 technical teams (NOC+SOC) can monitor and adjust your website speed to maintain its best performance.

  • What are the features of ApeiroCDN management platform?

    Intuitive operation and bulk-domain management

    AThe management platform of ApeiroCDN offers sophisticated rule settings, complete request log, customizable monitoring dashboard, automatic alert system and supports unified management of bulk domains. The functions of platform are comprehensive and intuitive to use; even users without a programming background can rapidly deploy defensive strategies.

    Customizable monitoring dashboard, comprehensive and real-time data updates

    The dashboard provides over 150 on-demand charts and reports with data updated in real-time. The request data is also comprehensively displayed, including IP, country, and headers, etc. Charts settings can be completely personalized, and users can create dedicated dashboard catering to needs to enable precise analysis and fast adjustment (deployment) in just a few simple steps.

    Sophisticated WAF rule configurations for flexible security strategy

    ApeiroCDN management platform has the most sophisticated WAF rule configurations, able to set more than ten actions for different request signatures, allowing more flexible defensive strategies and significantly decreasing false interception. Taking the header signature as example, the platform not only takes actions against IP, URI, header and country, but can also act against specific network service providers and multiple types of proxy services. Regarding the behavior of the request, the platform can set a blocking period based on pairs of HTTP method and suspicious request frequency. Rather than blocking or allowing all, ApeiroCDN’s WAF’s flexibility can more precisely intercept malicious traffic by gradation of defensive actions.

    Innovative domain management and fast bulk-domain deployment

    ApeiroCDN’s exclusive domain management system supports batch editing, template application and importation, allowing users to management tens of thousands of domains effortlessly. Also, API programmability is available for faster adjustment and deployment of bulk domains.