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5 Steps to Analyze the Causes of a Slow Website
7 Methods to Accelerate E-Commerce Websites

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    5 Steps to Analyze the Causes of a Slow Website

    This white paper will describe how professionals use network-based tools to test for the causes of website slowdown, or the reasons why web pages cannot be accessed. The document contains tutorials on testing process and tips on determining the root cause, as well as providing solutions for website speed improvement.

    • DNS testing
    • Domain testing
    • Web component troubleshooting
    • Routing testing
    • Origin server testing
    7 Methods to Accelerate a Website

    Yes, your website can be loaded even faster! This white paper will show how to optimize website speed by the following 7 ways:CDN deployment strategy, DNS AI resolution policy, routing optimization from client to CDN, static caching, dynamic content acceleration, auto CDN-origin server routing testing and auto CDN-origin server routing optimization. Achieve satisfactory results by just making some small tweaks.